Please join us each Sunday at 10am service.  We ask that you wear a mask for your neighbor’s protection and follow social distance recommendations.  If you are uncomfortable in a group setting you can always find us at or you can listen to us live from the convenience of your car from our parking lot.  Tune your car radio to 102.3 FM.

We Are The Church

At Grace Lutheran Church we believe that the church is the living, breathing, worshipping, learning, serving Body of Jesus Christ in the world.  Our building is a tool that God has entrusted to us to be a “home base” to carry out the three important tasks of worship, spiritual growth, and care for all of God’s creation as signs of God’s presence here on earth.  Called, gathered, enlightened, and kept by God’s grace through the Holy Spirit, Grace Lutheran Church is a living reminder that God is with us and at work among us!


Growth: Invite a friend

We are all looking for something.    Most of us want peace, security, friendship, and an authentic relationship with a living, loving, and active God.  When we find a place where God is genuinely served and worshipped and where we can live out our faith commitment in the company of like-minded people, we have found a spiritual home.  None of us is worthy to come into the presence of God except through God’s love.  So we plead to God for mercy and hear the good news of forgiveness and acceptance announced to us.  Martin Luther said that the Good News (the Gospel) of Jesus Christ was like “one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread”.  When we hear that good news of love, forgiveness, and acceptance, we have no choice but to shout it from the rooftops and share it with others. At Grace Lutheran Church, we welcome people of every kind – black, brown, white, red, gay, straight, seeking, married, single, divorced, families, couples, adults and children, people raised in a church and people who have never been in a church before in their lives – to walk with God in humility and love.  If you are looking for a church where you can find authentic worship of a loving God and grow in your faith – or if you know someone who is looking – then come to Grace Lutheran Church and discover for yourself the joy that comes from finding a church home where, as one of our worship songs says, “all are welcome in this place”.

Groups: Join a small group

Outside of worship the most important thing that happens at Grace Lutheran Church is to invite and help everyone to explore their faith and to grow spiritually.  In Small Groups we learn and ask questions, challenge each other to broaden and deepen our faith, and to discover new ways to participate in the work of Jesus Christ on earth in through prayer and service.  Some of our Small Groups meet regularly each week or each month, while other form for very short periods of time and then take a break for a while.  If there is something you would like to explore or do, speak to the pastor about finding or creating a small group that works for you!

Gifts: Join a Ministry Team

At Grace Lutheran Church we believe that everyone is unique and that God gives each of us special gifts and abilities which are used to care for and help one another.  Ministry Teams form around particular concerns or issues such as checking on our home bound members, feeding the hungry, working with the local school, and identifying and helping those in need.  You can join an existing Ministry Team or talk with the pastor about creating a new Ministry Team to address anew concern.

Donate: Donate Online

You can support the work and ministry of Grace Lutheran Church by donating electronically. Click on the Link to connect to MyEOffering.

What is Grace?


Grace is the idea that even though we are people who make mistakes and whose lives are not perfect, God still loves us and forgives us.  God wants us to be good people and to live in the kind of world that God intended for us at the beginning of creation. Through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s power is made known in the world and God’s forgiveness and the invitation to be part of God’s kingdom is announced.  Grace is about experiencing the life-changing love of God in a way that calls us out of ourselves to be part of God’s family and to be signs of God’s love in the world.   Grace isn’t something we can’t fully describe.  Grace must be experienced as the love of God becomes real in your life.  We invite you to come to Grace Lutheran Church and to “Experience Grace!”

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